Want to change your dog’s food to something healthier but not comfortable with raw? Then read on……there is another option.

You all know that I can be a bit of a broken record when it comes to nutrition but it is such an important subject to me. I do talk about raw feeding alot but I know many of you aren’t comfortable with it, or just don’t have the freezer space to store it.

Cold pressed food is the stop gap between off the shelf dog food and raw. The way it is processed guarantees lots of nutrients are kept in the end product meaning your dog is much healthier.

This months guest blog comes from Lucy Millar, the founder of Rún who make cold pressed dog food. Lucy has 2 dogs called Murphy and Ripley who have helped pave the way to the career she has now.

Lucy was a Baroque Violinist (!) before becoming a puppy trainer and now she runs Rún. Just like myself one of her first questions she would ask puppy owners is “What are you feeding?”. That would generally lead to an in-depth conversation about dog food and the long term health benefits, as well as short term behaviour benefits of being on a good diet.

This lead to Lucy taking more of an interest in the science behind dog food and in 2019 she discovered cold pressed dog food. Once she knew more about the manufacturing process she knew she would champion it. The next year was spent creating Rún- learning about ingredients, speaking with packaging manufacturers and, most importantly, many meetings with her fantastic nutritionist. 

Lucy states  

“I am so very proud of the food that we have created.  Rùn’s recipes are designed with science and canine health absolutely at the heart, with carefully balanced nutrient levels, just the right amounts of proteins and fats, and an incredibly gentle manufacturing method, to keep all of those nutrients intact.  Murphy and Ripley absolutely love it!”

To learn more about Rún and how cold pressed food can benefit your dog click on the link below.

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