Adder bites

With the weather getting warmer it’s the time of year when you might see Adders basking in the sun. The Adder is the UK’s only poisonous snake but generally will only bite if feeling threatened. They are easily identified by the zig zag pattern down it’s back.

I live in an area that has quite alot of gorse land so we see them quite alot and there have been a couple of dogs that I know of that have been bitten, thankfully they have all been ok.

Symptoms of an Adder bite are:
puncture wounds (one or two),
swelling in the area of the puncture wounds (this swelling can spread if not treated),
increased heart rate,
pale gums (it’s worth looking at your dog’s gums, only if it’s safe to do so, and take note of the normal colour so you know when they are pale or inflamed).
All or some of these symptoms will be shown.

If you think your dog has been bitten by an Adder it’s important that you get your dog to a vet asap. Try and keep the dog as still as possible to prevent the spread of venom. Once at the vet they will decide on the appropriate medication to administer depending on the severity. Not all vets have the antivenom so it’s worth calling the vets in your area to find out which one stocks it.

In some cases bites from Adders can be fatal but with early treatment the majority of dogs make a full recovery.

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