What to look for in a dog rescue, and what a dog rescue should be looking for in you.

This months guest blog comes from Leanne Louisia Mcwade, owner of Dog Training College and co-owner of East Anglia Dog Rescue.

Leanne has worked in rescue 8 for years. She started by helping with transport runs, fundraising etc then in 2017 East Anglia Dog Resue was born. She has a rescue dog herself, Mitzy the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Mitzy and numerous other rescue dogs inspired her to go into dog training. Leanne is a self confessed ‘failed foster’ parent. She was only meant to have Mitzy briefly while a new home was found but Leanne fell in love with her, hence becoming a ‘failed foster’!

Mitzy then became a fulltime member of the family.

Mitzy with her brothers

In her blog she talks about what you should be looking for in a good rescue, what a good rescue will be looking for in you and she dispels some of the myths that people think will stop them getting a rescue dog.

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