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Vinnie and me

Hi, I’m Leanne, head trainer and owner of The Ipswich Dog Trainer. I live in a small village on the outskirts of Ipswich, Suffolk with my husband, son and senior rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier Vinnie. Vinnie is the reason I became a dog trainer. He has fear reactivity therefore I took an interest in dog training to help him. This lead to me attending many courses, reading many books and studies aswell as gaining qualifications in dog training. I soon realised this could become a career I love and turned my dream into the reality of owning my own dog training business.

I have a Canine Training Behaviour Diploma as well as being a Senior Instructor for Dog Training College. I am a member of the Pet Professional Network and the Pet Professional Guild aswell as being an approved instructor with Dog Training College. I am qualified to teach Canine Body Language, Pet First Aid and Train The Trainer courses. I have a wide range of people attending these courses from veterinary nurses to dog groomers to owners and dog trainers. I have worked under Leanne Louisia Mcwade (owner and head of training at Dog Training College) and assisted Alex Wilson (TTouch practitioner and co-owner of Xtra Dog) on various classes. I am fully insured, DBS checked and qualified in pet first aid and human first aid. All certificates are available on request.

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I have attended seminars and webinars by Dr Daniel Mills, Dr Nick Thompson, Jordan Shelley, and many more. Courses have included Reactive Rascals, Seperation Anxiety, Anticipatory Behaviour , TTouch, Raw Feeding and Canine Wellness. I’m also admin on 5 dog training facebook groups that offer advice to owners and professionals and have over 5k members.

Dr. Daniel Mills is the UK’s first professor of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine. His research focuses on emotion in companion animals and the use of semiochemicals to manage problem behaviour.

Dr. Nick Thompson has been a fully trained vet for over 20 years. He specialises in raw feeding, holistic medicine, immunology and internal medicine.

Jordan Shelley is one of the most famous crossover trainers in the world. He switched from traditional force-based training to positive training.

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After only being open for business 3 months I am pleased to say I have won the Bark Certificate Of Excellence 2020 Award. I am hoping there are many more awards to come.

I cover Ipswich, Woodbridge, Felixstowe and surrounding areas. If you live further afield training can still be given in person at an additional cost or can be taught via Zoom. No matter where you live training is always possible.

I am a force free and practice positive reward based training. I will never use any aversive methods and I believe dog training should be as much fun for the dog as it is the owner.

“Leanne has been a great help to me over the years after I adopted a Chihuahua cross. With her patience and constant support my dog , Mia, has come on leaps and bounds. Treat training has worked brilliantly and I’m sure her happy disposition reflects in her work. I’ll continue to turn to Leanne for advice in the future.”

Amanda, owner of Mia the Chihuahua cross.

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