Leanne; The Ipswich Dog Trainer

Leanne started The Ipswich Dog Trainer as a business in June 2020, right in the middle of a global pandemic

Leanne’s motivation to become a dog trainer comes from Vinnie her rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Vinnie came to Leanne during his adoloscence and due to lack of socialisation he was reactive. Vinnie made huge progress with his reactivity and had some doggy friends that he loved to spend time with. In his later years Vinnie lost most of his sight and his hearing started to go which means Leanne also has experience with senior dogs, blind dogs and deaf dogs. Vinnie crossed over rainbow bridge in October 2022 but as long as The Ipswich Dog Trainer is trading his legacy will live on and dogs will benefit from what he taught Leanne.

Before opening The ipswich Dog Trainer Leanne assisted at puppy classes while studying and gaining qualifications. She began her dog training journey by running Understanding Canine Body Language courses before going on to do other things.

Leanne spent years studying, attending seminars, watching webinars and passing courses before finally taking the plunge. Leanne had been working as a dog trainer for roughly 3 years before starting the business.

Dog Training College played a huge part in Leanne’s progression and she is now a Senior Instructor for them. She also trains Puppy Klass and Rapid Recallers instructor courses for Dog Training College to new trainers wanting to gain that qualification. You may have also seen her loose lead walking and recall crash courses that she has filmed for Dog Training College….or even seen her on webinars with other trainers as a guest speaker.

Opening the business in the pandemic meant Leanne had to think outside of the box as lockdown rules were constantly changing and at some points all training was via Zoom. This meant a much broader reach and The Ipswich Dog Trainer became international.

Now we have some normaility Leanne spends her time with her family whilst running The Ipswich Dog Trainer. In December 2022 they welcomed Dobby The House Dog into their home at 9 weeks old. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Rottweiler and one day you may meet him on your travels.

Her favourite things to train are UK Sniffer Dogs training and helping clients with reactive dogs. Leanne is a certified Reactivity Specialist with Dog Training College and has helped numerous dogs and owners with reactivity issues.

Leanne now has a number qualifications and awards as well as being a member of various positive reinforcement organisations. As with all of The Ipswich Dog Trainer team Leanne is DBS checked, pet first aid trained and insured.

Proof of all qualifications and organisations available on request.