Getting it right from day 1

Everyone knows that the first year of a dogs life is extremely important but did you know the first 16 weeks can potentially map out their entire future?

It all starts with a good breeder and the mum having a stress free pregnancy. Did you know that if the mum suffers trauma whilst pregnant the puppies can be aborted? Or that the stress hormone can filter through to the puppies and they can be born with behavioural issues?

Once born the puppies should remain with their mother and littermates for at least 8 weeks. In these 8 weeks they learn vital things such as bite inhibition and how to interact with other dogs. A good breeder will also be introdcing the puppies to noises, smells, handling and lots more.

A good breeder will also regularly update you on how they are progressing and be happy to answer any questions you have regarding parents health, puppy development etc.

I often get asked by new puppy owners “When should we start training?” My answer is “As soon as possible!”

At The Ipswich Dog Trainer we have lots of options for puppy training;

  • 1-2-1 Puppy course. This can start from the moment you bring your puppy home as it won’t be mixing with other dogs.
  • Pre-class home visits. These are available to owners who have booked on to our classes but still have a few weeks to wait for them to start.
  • Puppy classes. These are suitable for puppies 12 weeks-6 months. The only prerequisite is that your puppy is fully vaccinated by week 1.

Circumstances are different for everyone and it is a personal choice as to which option is best for you and your puppy.

Some people work shifts and can’t commit to the same time every week. Some people want the entire family to be involved with training. Some people want the opportunity to ask questions specific to their needs. Some people are still nervous in group settings after the pandemic. These are all people who choose the 1-2-1 puppy course.

If you decide to attend classes there are lots of things to look for and consider. There are lots of trainers with lots of different training techniques. To be honest…….it’s a minefield!

Lots of people don’t realise that the dog training industry is unregulated meaning anyone can wake up tomorrow and call themselves a dog trainer!

So, what do you look for to make sure you have the right trainer on board? I would be looking for a minimum requirement of insurance, pet first aid qualification, accredited dog training qualifications from reputable organisations such as Dog Training College, IMDT, Canine Principles etc, and memberships of reputable organisations such as Pet Professional Guild, Pet Professional Network, UK DOG Behaviour & Training Charter etc.

It is important to me that all instructors are qualified in the areas that they train and that they are doing CPD regularly. That way you can be sure you and your dog are getting the most updte advice.

As well as knowledgable and qualified instructors it is important that class volunteers are knowledgable too. This is why all members of the team are level 2 qualified in Understanding Canine Body Language.

The next thing to think about is what do you want from classes? Are you a first time owner that wants reassurance that you are doing thing correctly? If you are an experienced dog owner perhaps you think puppy classes aren’t needed but this can really depend on the training that you have done in the past.

All of our taining methods follow a force free and positive reinforement ethos. This means we do not advocate the use of aversive equipment such as shock collars, prong collars, slip leads or pet corrector spray. Our methods will always be kind and we will never encourage lead jerking, telling the dog off or any physical violence.

We firmily believe that every dog should be a happy dog and should cohabit with their humans, not be afraid. Thankfully for us this has been scientifcally proven to be the most effective kind of training too.

Our puppy classes follow a 6 week syllabus covering a wide variety of things includng;

  • Basic commands
  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Confidence building
  • Socialisation
  • Physical examinations
  • Nutrition
  • Bond building
  • Guest speakers offering advice regarding dog walking and grooming
  • Goodie bag featuring healthy treat from Feelwells, a ‘The Ipswich Dog Trainer’ clicker and information from local dog related businesses
  • Multiple options for follow on training
  • Much more

Our puppy training is so highly regarded that we actually won the national Lux Pet Product & Services Award 2022 for ‘One-To-One Puppy Training Business Of The Year-UK’

This was an amazing addition to the numerous other awards we have won.

We have 3 fantastic venues at locations in East Suffolk. Castle Hill Community Centre in Ipswich, Fred Upson Hall in Kesgrave and Rendlesham Community Centre in Rendlesham.

All locations have the facilities for indoor and outdoor training meaning lessons can be held throughout the year.

If you would like more information or book click the button below.

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