How good are your pet photography skills?

This months guest blog comes from Dionne at Candydash Images. Some of you will have met Dionne when she has taken pictures to be uploaded to my website of various workshops and socialisation walks.

Dionne discusses what to expect at a pet photoshoot and how to prepare your dog. Dionne has many years of experience and was even the main photographer at Suffolk Dog Day this year.

Dionne is highly recommended by me as she took some of the last pictures we have of Vinnie. I messaged Dionne the day before he was put to sleep and she agreed to take some family pictures the next morning.

It was an incredibly difficult time but being able to get some final pictures was so important to us all. Dionne was amazing and I will be eternally grateful that he didn’t look ill in the photos. They are just how I want to remember him.

Whether you have a senior dog, a puppy or anything in between having professional pictures are a lovely memory to look back on.

You can read Dionne’s blog by clicking the button below and if you have any questions you can contact her via her website

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