How to help your dog be comfortable at the vets.

Katey Aldred RVN

This months guest blog is from Katey Aldred RVN and owner of Pooch Paws: Puppy And Dog Training Norfolk And Suffolk

Your dog will visit the vet at various points in it’s lifetime and it hugely helps if your dog is comfortable there. Not only does it help your dog have a good association but it also helps the vet do there job safely. In the current situation where most vets won’t allow owners into consultation rooms due to Covid restrictions I think this is even more important than ever.

In week 3 of my puppy course we go through lots of confidence building exercises that help your dog in lots of different situations, including the vets. Something as simple as teaching your dog to ‘stand’ on command means it will be in the correct position for the vet to check it’s pulse. It’s always better for the dog to voluntarily go into position than being forced.

In this months guest blog Katey talks about how you can help your dog, how you can help your vet, how to decide which veterinary practise to use and she goes through some common myths you may have heard.

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