How to help your senior dog live it’s best life.

This months guest blog comes from Joe Nutkins of Dog Training For Essex And Suffolk. She is going to talk us through how we can help our dogs stay fit and healthy when they get into their older years. This blog massively resonates with me as Vinnie is a senior and is slowing down alotContinue reading “How to help your senior dog live it’s best life.”

How to enrich your dog’s life?

Enrichment is an incredibly important activity to include in your dog’s life. There are so many benefits including confidence building, calming, improved behaviour, better eating habits, expressing natural behaviours and bond building. Enrichment should not only benefit you as a dog owner but your dog should also benefit mentally and physically. Anything that involves yourContinue reading “How to enrich your dog’s life?”

Want to change your dog’s food to something healthier but not comfortable with raw? Then read on……there is another option.

You all know that I can be a bit of a broken record when it comes to nutrition but it is such an important subject to me. I do talk about raw feeding alot but I know many of you aren’t comfortable with it, or just don’t have the freezer space to store it. ColdContinue reading “Want to change your dog’s food to something healthier but not comfortable with raw? Then read on……there is another option.”

The importance of focus.

I have been working with lots of owners recently with various things they need help with. There are some basics that need to be pretty solid for all of the other training to fall into place and one thing that is really underrated is focus. If you haven’t got any focus from your dog thenContinue reading “The importance of focus.”

Is your dog the ideal weight?

I often get asked by clients if their dogs look a good weight and alot of the time the answer is yes. Sometimes I have to be honest and say that the dog could do with losing a few lb’s. It’s really easy for that extra bit of weight to creep up on your dog……aContinue reading “Is your dog the ideal weight?”

Expecting a baby? How to prepare your dog for the new arrival

I’m sure you all know by now that I only have a few weeks left before there is a new addition to the household. With this in mind I thought I would base this months blog on preparing your dog for this big change. Although we already have a toddler running around I’m sure VinnieContinue reading “Expecting a baby? How to prepare your dog for the new arrival”

How to help your dog be comfortable at the vets.

This months guest blog is from Katey Aldred RVN and owner of Pooch Paws: Puppy And Dog Training Norfolk And Suffolk Your dog will visit the vet at various points in it’s lifetime and it hugely helps if your dog is comfortable there. Not only does it help your dog have a good association butContinue reading “How to help your dog be comfortable at the vets.”

Easter Hazards.

Most people celebrate Easter in one way or another but are you aware of howmany things can be toxic to your dog? It is really easy to become lax when you’re enjoying yourself but it’s important to always be careful. Chocolate is one of the biggest risks at Easter, especially if you are planning anContinue reading “Easter Hazards.”

What if the worst happens?

Although it’s something that none of us want to think about, sadly losing our dog is something that we will come across at some point in our life. I find it difficult to acknowledge but everyday I look at Vinnie he seems to have an extra grey hair and it’s gut wrenching watching him growContinue reading “What if the worst happens?”

Does you dog have reliable recall?

No matter what age your dog is it is never too late to work on their recall. Whether you have a puppy that is only beginning to experience the outside world, an adolescent dog that has selective hearing or a senior dog that takes it’s time coming back……you can always make improvements with a littleContinue reading “Does you dog have reliable recall?”