1-2-1 Training

I can help with a whole host of issues including basic training, advanced training, nutrition, seperation anxiety, reactivity, recall, loose lead walking, over arousal, hyperactivity, resource guarding, introducing a new dog, littermate syndrome, barking and other unwanted behaviours. I have attended many courses for various issues aswell as holding a Canine Training Behaviour Diploma. Every dog and owner is different so we will come up with a plan tailored to suit you and your dog. I don’t just work with the dog, I work with the owner too. If there is more than one person in the household we will all work together. Everything I do will be explained step by step so you understand why I am doing things and what results we’re hoping to gain. A free 10 minute telephone conversation will be conducted before your first session so I can have a plan ready for when we meet. Sessions do not have a time scale on them as I don’t believe either of us should be rushed by clock watching. You can also be rest assured I will never use any aversive methods and you can be confident in knowing all of my training is the latest upto date training in the profession. Discounts given for 3 or 5 sessions booked and paid for together.

separation axiety, recall, reactivity, littermate syndrome, barking, growling, lunging, resource guarding, dog trainer,
Molly and me practising recall
  • £50 per session
  • £135 3 sessions booked together
  • £200 5 sessions booked together
  • Email support throughout

“Highly recommend.

Leanne really helped when I struggled with my boys recall and loose lead walking. Leanne gave me practical and easy to follow techniques to work on at home between sessions and I noticed an improvement almost instantly.

I’m now happy to say his recall is great and walking on the lead is finally enjoyable.

Cannot thank you enough Leanne”

Ben, owner of Bruno the Rottweiler.

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