What to look for in doggy daycare and how to know if it is suitable for your dog.

I get asked a lot by clients about dog daycare and if I think it would be suitable for their dog. Every response I give is different.

Some dogs thrive in daycare, some dogs can’t cope. Some dogs love the larger daycare companies whereas others prefer to be in a home with 2 or 3 other dogs.

Every dog is different.

Charmain from The House Of Muddy Paws has written a blog for me regarding what you should be looking for in daycare. It is incredibly important to pick the correct one for your dog as it can hugely impact behaviour…….and don’t be upset if your dog doesn’t enjoy it. We expect alot from our dogs and put yourself in their shoes. Do you want to be friends with everyone you meet or do you prefer time on your own?

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