Is your dog the ideal weight?

I often get asked by clients if their dogs look a good weight and alot of the time the answer is yes. Sometimes I have to be honest and say that the dog could do with losing a few lb’s.

It’s really easy for that extra bit of weight to creep up on your dog……a few extra treats here and there, food from the table, post op, owner illness or just purely being spoilt. Although you may think you’re being kind to your dog the longterm health implications are huge including heart disease, joint issues and early mortality.

It is never too late to get your dog in shape (and it is never too early to get on top of it).

In this months guest blog Veterinary Surgeon Caroline Taylor talks about how to keep your dog at a healthy weight, what to look for in a healthy diet, how to help them lose weight and how to keep them interested in food.

Caroline has been a vet for 18 years and has told me that during the pandemic obese or overweight dogs are at their highest, with over 55% falling into these catagories.

At the end of the blog is a link to her Facebook group Slimline Canine-SLIM Solutions for Overweight Dogs. Caroline has a FREE 5 day challange starting on Monday which will be full of tips and activities to help your dog loose weight. The 5 day challange is an introduction to a 12 week programme you can follow up with if you choose to.

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