Ever heard of zoopharmacognosy?

This months guest blog is from Mandy Wilson of Peaceful Paws Therapy And Training. Mandy talks about zoopharmacognosy and how it can benefit your dog.

A selection of Mandy’s botanicals.

But first I’ll explain my own personal experience of it……

I only stumbled across this a couple of years ago when I attended a 2 day seminar ran by Isla Fishurn for Dog Training College. At first I thought it was abit wacky and out there but when I saw the way the demo dogs responded I wanted to look into it alot more.

It transpires that zoopharmacognosy is when the animal self selects botanicals to aid recovery. A great example is when a dog has digestive issues and eats grass to make it feel better.

Fast forward a couple of years and I decided Vinnie could benefit from a few sessions so I contacted another DTC Approved Instructor called Mandy.

A fellow trainer’s dog, Mitzy, during a session

Mandy runs Peaceful Paws Therapy And Training and has extensive knowledge and training in this field.

Mandy sent me specific botanicals selected using the information I had given her and the sessions were both held via zoom. This meant that Vinnie could be 100% himself. The entire experience was fascinating and helped me understand exactly what was going on with Vinnie. Over time this has had a huge benefit to him and it also has helped me give him a much more tailored training programme.

To read more about zoopharmacognosy and how it can help with a whole range of behavioural and health issues click the link below.