Can you speak dog?

We spend alot of time training our dogs but do we spend enough time understanding them? They can’t tell us what they want so it’s upto us to read them.

Dogs communicate through lots of different parts of their body including their eyes, ears, mouth, tail and posture. By just looking at one part of their body you can easily misread a dog but if you put it all together like a jigsaw you will know what they are saying.

There are also lots of misconceptions when it comes to a dog’s body language. Did you know a waggy tail isn’t always a happy tail? Or that an over aroused dog isn’t trying to dominate you? Or even that a panting dog can actually be showing signs of stress?

Dogs communcate with us just as much as they communicate with eachother. By domesticating dogs they have had to adapt to our lifestyle but over the years we have began to adapt to them.

It’s incredibly important that we read and dog’s cues and respond to them. If your dog feels threatened they may come and sit by your legs for reassurance. They may back away from something they are afraid of. They could even tuck their tail between their legs to make themselves seem smaller. Picking up on these, sometimes subtle, cues will mean you can help you dog to see you as it’s safe place.

Lots of people think they should stop their dog from growling but did you know that this is a norml form of communication? By stopping your dog from growling it will miss this on the ‘escalation scale’ and potentially go straight to a bite. Before it even gets to this situation their are lots of other signals they would be giving such as lip licking, whale eye, turning away etc. Once you know what these signals are you will be able to react to your dog and protect it.

Do you know how to introduce dogs safely? Or what good manners are between dogs? Can you spot an over aroused dog and would you know how to lower these arousal levels? Even by understanding how a dogs brain works in regards to emotion is important in how we train them now compared to old fashioned training techniques.

All of these things are covered in the Understanding Canine Body Language course I will be running via Zoom on 15th November 10.30-14.30 GMT. The price is £55 for this level 2 accredited course but for 25% discount enter the discount code LOCKDOWN.

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