Dog Theft

These are just a few words on how to prevent your dog being the victim of theft. A few simple steps can really help.

It has been reported that dog theft is on the rise.
Please don’t leave your dog outside a shop (even if you’re just nipping in), make sure your garden is secure, make sure they have good recall and keep them well in sight when out for a walk.

Microchip details (by law) should be upto date, check your insurance will cover posters etc, make sure you have an upto date photo and make sure your dog has an ID tag (again this is law). I never recommend putting your dog’s name on the ID tag, if criminals know your dog’s name then it will be easier for them to claim the dog as theirs.

Hopefully you will never have to go through this but you can never be too careful.

That’s it for now

Leanne x

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