Separation Anxiety

Does your dog bark, toilet or become destructive when you leave? Do you feel a prisoner in your own home? Are you having to rearrange your life to manage your dog’s anxiety levels? It is highly likely that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.I have helped owners of dogs with various levels of separation anxiety, from dogs that get stressed after an hour or two to dogs that can’t be left for seconds. Old school training methods tell you to let your dog cry it out but with the help of modern science we now know that doesn’t work. It will only make your dog more stressed and can massively impact their health as well as your wellbeing.Using the most upto date and ethical training techniques I can help your dog overcome its fear of alone time and help you regain your life.

Price P.O.A

Hunter the Greyhound.

‘We approached Leanne for help with training our 4 year old retired Greyhound who we thought was developing separation anxiety. We have had 3 zoom sessions which have been practical, helpful and informative. Leanne has been happy to respond to other queries and pointed us in the right direction to offer our hound a supportive environment to meet his (and our) needs.

Julie, owner of Hunter the Greyhound.

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