Preparing for a dog educational session

Congratulations, you’re thinking of getting a dog! With a great dog comes great responsibility and I’ll take you through everything you need to know to give your dog the best life possible. Whether you’re thinking of getting a puppy or an older dog I can help you choose the right breed, or cross breed, for your home. If you already have a dog I’ll help you with the best way to introduce them and if you want siblings I’ll take you through the most effective way to prevent littermate syndrome. From choosing a healthy puppy to spotting a puppy farm or finding the right rescue I can help. I will also take you through feeding choices (I’m pro-raw but I realise that isn’t for everyone), how to get your dog used to being handled, essential equipment, what to look for with insurance, legalities, car safety and much more. This is a 90  minute session in your home that will be followed up with an e-book full of helpful hints and tips for you to download and keep. Prior to the session there will be a brief telephone conversation between us so I can gather any information I need for you to get the best out of your session.

Due to current social distancing guidelines all educational sessions are currently being taught via Zoom.

  • £75 per session


  • eBook
  • Email support

     “We are due to get our puppy later this year and have had some really good advice to help us prepare. Really friendly and helpful, we are learning so much ready for bringing our first pup home.”

Caroline Grove, future Cockapoo owner.

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