Enrichment educational session

Enrichment is one of my favourite things to talk about and I love promoting it! There is so much more to a dog’s physical and mental health than 2 walks a day. For instance did you know 5 minutes sniffing can be the equivalent of  20 minutes physical exercise? Or that you don’t need to go out and buy all of those expensive plastic toys when you have lots of everyday things you can use in the home? Most of which you would probably throw away daily? Enrichment is ideal for dogs that are recovering from an operation, in extreme weather e.g cold or heat, or when you can’t take your dog out. ‘Ditching the bowl’ is a great tool to help dog’s embrace their foraging instinct and is also great for dog’s that don’t show much interest in food. It can also help build a better relationship between the handler and the dog and will save you money in the long run. In this 90 minute session I will show you what household items can be used for enrichment, talk you through how the dog’s brain is effected during mental stimulation, how it can help certain behavioural issues and how you can incorperate it in everyday life. Once booked you will be sent a kit list to have ready for the session. After the session you will recieve an ebook with lots of hints and tips for you to keep.

Due to current social distancing guidelines all educational sessions are currently being taught via Zoom.

Nearly 10 minutes enrichment with things that ould just be thrown away.
  • £75 per session


  • eBook
  • Email support

“I went to Leanne for advice on keeping my puppy entertained. I received great advice and recommendations which didn’t break the bank and my pup loves. Would definitely recommend Leanne-The Ipswich Dog Trainer.”

Jenny, owner of Franky the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

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