Children and dogs

This months guest blog comes from Mandy Wilson at Peaceful Paws Therapy And Training. Mandy is KAD (Kids And Dogs) qualified and is incredibly passionate about the safety of children with dogs. She advocates for children understanding a dog’s body language and that they should respect dogs.

Mandy has grandchildren and dogs herself which is why this subject is so important to her.

With an increase in bites from dogs, and sadly some fatal attacks, this is something that should be taken seriously. The summer holidays can lead to confilct in the home as the house is much busier and dogs really do live in the moment meaning they can get excited and mouthy.

Children and dogs can live together in harmony as long as everyone is educated and respectful.

When I asked Mandy to write a blog for me she jumped at the chance…….I hope you all find it useful and if you have any questions feel free to contact Mandy.

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